Sinking CO2 in Iceland- Will it Save Us?

Last week an Iceland company launched the world’s largest effort to bury atmospheric CO2 underground. While this is a bold and encouraging step forward to protect our species from the ravages of climate change, experts fear decarbonization will not be enough. The world must radically reduce its production of CO2. When America was not yet… Read More

Smart Cities Projects Launch

The Smart Cities Council has the following annual program rewarding cities that offer winning proposals for “smart city” improvements. The finalist projects, listed below, offer suggestions for possible “smart cities” technology improvements to local governments everywhere. Read More

Tax Payer Money Helps Citizen Engagement Software Evolve Faster

If Boss Tweed could see us now!  City living isn’t what it used to be thanks to new software in cities that is built to inform, engage and satisfy citizens. An explosion of new software for use by cities and by citizens will, where the software is used, eventually improve the efficiency of services and… Read More