Rucker Alex brings over fourteen years of management, marketing and systems integration experience with fast-growing, internationally-focused projects and companies. Alex thrives in roles within and between public, private, academic, and non-profit sector environments:  facilitating public-private partnerships at local and national scales, leading portions of $100m+ bids and programs, and conducting research and reporting to reveal actionable goals and craft implementation strategies.

  • Topics include:
    Greenhouse gas emission reduction from water system leak and pressure management as part of the California Governor’s Water Action Plan,
  • Public-private partnerships, and water systems in the Quetzaltenango region of Guatemala based on 20 field interviews, in Spanish, with government and NGO stakeholders to further local economic development
  • Preparation of a reference manual with guidelines and best practices on local economic development and Public-Private Management Model for the Inter-American Development Bank’s Latin American practitioners.
  • Urban and rural water access in Panama, a study for USAID
  • Cost-benefit analysis and policy recommendations for California’s municipal water rate structures
  • Policy proposal for creating hybrid of protection systems and residential development in Bay area; impact of Latin America’s water utility privatization on public health outcomes
  • Public sector international sustainability initiatives at the regional (sub-national) level
  • Nationwide systems integration project for monitoring and measuring energy use
  • State-wide financial reporting system
  • Consumer-focused multimedia software
  • Multi-million dollar online arts initiative
  • International winery expansion

She has worked with many key public and private organizations addressing complex public policy issues.  Organizations include:  State Water Resources Control Board, California;  Inter-American Development Bank, Latin America;  URS Corporation, California, International;  East Bay Municipal Utilities District, California;  USAID, Latin America;  CGI, International.

Rucker-imageAlex has a BA from Harvard University, 2000, and a Masters of City Planning, International Environmental Planning from UC Berkeley,  2015

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