Clean water to drink, healthy, well managed cities and good data to manage with; safe roads, bridges and pipelines; public schools to educate our children; power to keep our engines running, well maintained public assets that enhance the well being of our citizenry:  if any or all of these interest you, you’ll feel at home here.  

We are interested in working with cities to improve their information technology used to manage public assets, their financial tools used to fund public assets and draw on best practices to help cities develop and maintain these important public assets.  Whether you call this “smart cities”, “resilient cities” or “good municipal management”,  we help cities use 21st century tools to update their budgeting, operations, management and citizen engagement processes.

Engaging urbanists, citizens, academics and government officials to explore and develop best practices for stewardship of our urban future through innovations in protecting and enhancing both digital and real public assets through public and private collaboration is the MISSION of Asset Stewardship.

Asset Stewardship offers a TEAM of seasoned professionals with expertise in various aspects of public sector management and it offers a curated collection of brief articles on issues related to cities, infrastructure, technology and related topics.  Both the blog posts (articles on this site) and the Twitter account, @assetstewards, provide information to readers who share these interests.  The interests are organized into two general topic categories:

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Asset Stewardship also offers a team of professionals with career length skills in facets of asset stewardship.

Watch our beta version Asset Stewardship Data Dashboard HERE.





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