Mr. Achituv brings over 15 years of experience developing secure, robust software applications, and 6 years of experience overseeing engineering teams across the globe including security, platform and UI teams.  His methodology of choice is Scrum, the Agile process of software development, which brings a focus on speed and useability through shorter “sprint” iterations of software development.

His current work in the MIT Media Lab, Center for Civic Media keeps him on the cutting edge of technology development and implementation.  His grant award from the Knight Foundation recognizes a special interest in civic media and the importance of citizen and governmental information exchange.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree (summa cum laude) in Computer Science from IDC Herzliya (Israel), where he received the prestigious Efi Arazi Scholarship for outstanding technological leadership, innovation and creativity and completed his studies a year ahead of the recommended schedule.  He is also a graduate of an elite technology unit in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Other specialties and interests include
Programmer productivity, application & network security, systems design, UX (user experience), Agile methodologies, entrepreneurship, software design &  development, object oriented design programming.


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