Co-Founder, CEO
Barbara Thornton 

With a “change agent” skill set, she brings a rare combination of deep experience in city government, in internet technology and in business development to the newly emerging field of “civic tech”.  Education:  MBA, Harvard; MCP, Yale.

Tal Achituv

Secure, robust software applications, experience overseeing engineering teams across the globe including security, platform and UI teams and a strong preference for the Agile process of software development characterize Achituv’s work.    Education:  BA, Computer Science from IDC Herzliya (Israel);  current:   MIT Media Lab, Center for Civic Media; also Knight Foundation grant award recipient;  graduate of an elite technology unit in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Rucker Alex

Skilled in management, organization and systems integration in fast growing, internationally focused projects and companies,  Alex brings a special expertise in cost benefit analysis and in water systems.  Education:  BA, Harvard College;  MCP  University of California, Berkeley

Helen Campbell O’Malley

Helen Campbell O'Malley
Helen Campbell O’Malley

Led large scale IT projects for the Commonwealth of MA for over 15 year and specializes in implementing enterprise-wide applications such as the MA accounting system, budget development and tracking system and the service tracking/billing system used by human service providers (over $2B in invoices processed annually).   She has managed over $150M in projects.  Currently her project is focused on automating the hiring process for MA state agencies.  She has worked with cities and towns and looks forward to sharing her experience.   Education: BA from Smith College; MA from New School for Social Research.

Jerome Meier

Jerome image
Operational improvement and line management with large natural resource and industrial companies around the world is Meier’s expertise. His skills and interests include  capital optimization (in the pre-feas and feasibility stages of large project planning) and construction productivity improvement.  Education:  BA & MA, Chemical Engineering from MIT;  MBA from Harvard.

Jeff Tryens

Prior to founding “Measures Matter”, focusing on strategic planning and metrics in public sector management, Tryens served as  Deputy Director for Performance Management, Mayor’s Office, City of New York under Michael Bloomberg.  During his expansive career, he worked on government performance and launched improvement initiatives for NYC, for South Australia, for the state of Oregon, and others.  Education:  BS, Civil Engineering, Drexel University;  MCE , with a focus on Transport Systems Analysis, from MIT;  MPA from JFK School of Government, Harvard.

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