Jeff Tryens founded and runs the consulting firm, Measures Matter, focusing on strategic planning and metrics, clients include Metro (Portland, OR), Columbia River Gorge Commission and the government of South Australia, in addition to his affiliation with Asset Stewardship.

Under Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Tryens served as Deputy Director for Performance Management, Mayor’s Office, City of New York.  He was responsible for reporting overall city government performance, and initiating cross-agency performance improvement initiatives.

He designed and led the community engagement process for implementing South Australia’s Strategic Plan. Duties included: raising public awareness about the plan, consulting with community leaders about plan priorities and strategies; and developing collaborations between state government and community leaders to further the goals of the plan.
Major accomplishments: Led the largest-ever statewide community engagement process and laid the groundwork for creating a better relationship between government and community.

Tryens was Executive Director for the Oregon Progress Board, State of Oregon, the state board responsible for oversight of Oregon’s strategic vision, Oregon Shines. Duties included reporting to policymakers on progress; involving citizens in the process; assisting state agencies with strategic planning; educating other jurisdictions about Oregon’s process; and communicating with the public about Oregon Shines and the Oregon Benchmarks, the state’s 90 indicators of social, economic and environmental health.

Tryens received a Masters in Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University; a  Masters in Civil Engineering, Transport Systems Analysis from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a BS, Civil Engineering from Drexel University.2043ad2

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