Pakistan Takes Brunt of World Climate Change

While contributing only about one half of 1% (0.05%) of the world’s carbon emissions, this country of about 178 million people is slammed with the monsoons, melting glaciers, massive floods of what has been “theory” about what climate change can do. A third of the country is under water. 1300 people have been killed. That’s just the first wave of this disaster. The country is trying to cope with preparations from the secondary effects – prevention and treatment for water borne diseases, housing, food, water and transportation for the millions of people displaced, building supply chains for the medical supplies, building supplies, food, machinery and vehicles to ease the damages from this disaster.

Thirty-three million people have been affected by the recent floods in Pakistan. The disaster has left more than 1,300 people – including more than 400 children – dead, displaced millions and put one-third of the country under water. The floods were brought on by a severe heatwave which caused glaciers in the mountains to melt and heavier-than-normal monsoon rains.

Climate change related floods ravage Pakistan

Pakistan is a test case for the world on “stewarding our most important assets”. Can we, as people of the world, rise to the occasion and both help with the immediate saving of lives and remediation of flood and disease damages? Learn more about the disaster from a Sept. 13, 2022 article by Dr Amir Khan, an NHS doctor and Senior Lecturer at The University of Leeds School of Medicine and The University of Bradford in the UK. The article appeared in Al Jazeera News.

What does a “citizen of the world do”? Compassion helps. Donate for Pakistan relief to Unicef, Center for Disaster Philanthropy, Muslim Aid, Global Giving, Disaster Emergency Committee, Save the Children,

Aghosh UK, and many other established international funds.

Read this PBS article for more information, funds, funds targeting specific Pakistan provinces, and how to avoid fundraising scams.

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