Infrastructure Problem: One of Many Assets Needing Attention

In 2011 the USA rated a grade of D+ on Infrastructure from the American Society of Civil Engineers, citing a need for a $3.6 TRILLION investment by 2020.  Despite one of America’s favorite comedians,  John Oliver, using comedy to call attention to this infrastructure problem on national television, not much is changing.  Nor is the situation improving much in the rest of the world.

Infrastructure is one word to describe the essential components for creating a stable environment for human life.  We prefer the term “ASSETS” and take it to mean all the components and tools, including infrastructure,  valued by civilization, particularly urban civilization where the pressure of density makes the need for enhancing conditions more critical.  Assets are the tools, components and procedures to enhance quality of life.  Science and experience show us that quality of life is greatly affected by the quality of our

  • Education
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Financial Tools
  • Planning Tools
  • Public Facilities (buildings, structures, pipes, roads & publicly preserved open space)
  • Transportation
  • Water

We focus on the STEWARDSHIP of these assets, working to improve them directly at all jurisdictional levels and offering a space to share information on innovative, interesting, or successful efforts to move the bar forward on the quality of our global assets.

We glean articles of interest from a wide variety of sources, write original content on topics of interest and invite others interested in enhancing the stewardship of our public assets to share their ideas here.


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