#Tech4Democracy, via the Ash Center at Harvard University, recently called for a competition to solicit new technology tools to support and enhance democracy.  Barbara Thornton’s early stage concept, a software platform for small to midsize cities, was accepted into the competition and is presented here.

There is a great need among cities, especially cities with populations under 200,000,  for a relatively simple software platform that breaks through the silos of municipal departments to share common data, to easily collect the data, to develop meaningful reports for municipal managers, to easily add on extensions/ widgets/ apps or API connections enabling the platform to grow in complexity  and to offer transparency and citizen engagement in response to citizen expectations of municipal service.

For a more detailed description of the need for and use of the city software platform model see:
Software Platform for Municipal Operations

Sample platform functions and reports:

Over time, we hope this platform will grow to include more nuanced report models, software standards and applications.  Comments are appreciated.

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