Water for Life – Privatization & Regulation Reduce Child Mortality in Argentina

The experience of Argentinian municipalities in the 1990’s offer lessons for the benefits of privatizing water local government  supplies.  Some municipalities privatized and others did not, yielding a comparison of results.  Those municipalities that privatized the water delivery systems found a greater reduction in child mortality.  Studies suggest that the combination of privatization and effective… Read More

Write for Asset Stewardship

The Asset Stewardship team welcomes thoughtful, data driven articles, analysis and case studies on topics pertaining to asset stewardship.  Themes include nationalization, privatization, public-private partnerships, privatizing municipal services and charter schools.  We plan to gather materials and serve as a resource to those interested in these topics. If you are interested in submitting an article,… Read More

Revisiting Privatization, Now is the Time

Background Over the past two decades, the privatization of state enterprises has gone from novelty act to global orthodoxy. More than 100 governments have sold stakes in state companies to private investors, raising $1 trillion and transforming the state’s economic role. Just as privatization’s promise may have been oversold, so its ills have been exaggerated.… Read More